Kimber Stanhope, PhD, RD

Research Nutritional Biologist

UC Davis Department of Molecular Biosciences

Kimber Stanhope, PhD, RD, is a research nutritional biologist in the Department of Molecular Biosciences at UC Davis. Her work focuses on investigating the effects of sugar consumption on the development of metabolic disease, utilizing well-controlled diet intervention studies in human subjects. She has more than 20 years of nutrition research experience, focused on contributing significantly to the clinical research that will define the optimally healthy diet and delineate the mechanisms involved. She also has a decade of experience as a public health educator, working as a registered dietitian with health clubs and health management organizations, and is the author of a children’s book on nutrition.


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SugarScience Facts

Too much fructose in added sugar can damage your liver just like too much alcohol.

SugarScience Facts

Today, 31% of American adults and 13% of kids suffer from non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD).

SugarScience Facts

Growing scientific evidence shows that too much added sugar, over time, is linked to diabetes, heart disease and liver disease.

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