City Visions: Are sugary drinks a public health hazard?

By Sugar Editor

Sugar has been targeted by scientists for a while now, who view it as an addictive substance that contributes to many of our modern health challenges. Certainly the evidence suggests that sugar might be making us sick. According to the CDC, 40% of American adults are now clinically obese, and 10% of all adults have diabetes. Additionally, 34% of adults are what is called “prediabetic,” with blood glucose levels that are abnormally high.


Elissa Epel, Ph.D. is a professor in the Department of Psychiatry at UCSF.  

Laura Schmidt, Ph.D. is a professor of Health Policy at UCSF.  

Kimber Stanhope, PhD, RD, is an associate research nutritional biologist in the Department of Molecular Biosciences at UC Davis. 

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Diabetes mellitus

Usually shortened to just diabetes. Sometimes called sugar diabetes. Look at Type 1 Diabetes and Type 2 Diabetes for more information

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Glucose is a sugar we eat. It is found in starch. It is the main fuel for our bodies. It is the sugar measured when we have a blood test to measure the blood sugar.

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